Ideas for Coral Cay Blogs Topics

I am posting today about the ways I access information. For most searches, I start with Not only is it the main place that I store my bookmarks (I have 557 tags so far with over 1,400 bookmarks–viewed here as a tag cloud and here as a tag list while I am accessing my tags for coralcayads, but also it has the freshest, most up-to-date information often times from blogs.

I haven’t used Google much for a few years. However, it is the second place I access if I can’t find what I need. A tip for Google is to add 2008 to the information requested as Google is notorious for bringing up old data.

For today’s post, I will be using the bookmarks I have saved under the tag “coralcayads“. I have saved the sites that I felt had something to help me if I were selling ads in Coral Cay. The first bookmark is a general search I did on Google for broward+county+mobile+homes+2008. You can get these searches by enclosing your search in quotation marks as “broward county mobile homes 2008”. Once you have saved this search in delicious, anytime you want more up-to-date info, open up the search and click on search again and it will today’s info.


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Having begun my addiction recovery journey on Nov. 24, 1976, I have enjoyed 40+ years of research into addiction. My main blog, Emotional Sobriety, began in Nov. 2004. I have 15+ blogs, 10 Facebook pages ( main one is also named Emotional Sobriety) and several Kindle books.
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