Buy My Blogs and/or Posts

Most of my blogs and/or blog posts are for sale for 15 cents per word ($.15).

Email me: Once you have bought the posts and/or blogs, I delete them from my ownership. They are yours.

My company, Kathy Berman Social Marketing, creates content for treatment centers. The website is the mirror of a business. What is your site reflecting? Are you a 60 second stop site or do readers stay on your site and return for future visits? How do you build community on your site?

Building community is the most cost-effective and fulfilling tool any addiction treatment center has. When we drank we sought out community by going to bars. But once we started to drink,  the need to drink outweighed everything. So we stayed lonely on our own island. As Billy Joel sang:     “Yes, they’re sharing a drink they call loneliness but it’s better than drinkin’ alone.” Community is the cure for addiction. Powerful communities can be built by joining together several community opportunities.

Treatment centers need to add a member to their team that understands that social media isn’t a numbers game. It is a people game. In order for customers to become clients, they need to be able to engage with the center in a way that is beneficial for his/her life.

To increase bounce time (the time readers stay on your page), you need to shift where you spend your marketing money. A website costs money to build and to maintain. Websites aren’t social–there is no interaction. It is there and is quickly out of sight. A website has the presence of a billboard.

Adding meaningful content gives readers a way to stay connected to you. I have been blogging about recovery since Nov. 2004. Having over 20+ blogs, I have many blog posts for sale.

You can choose the exact posts from any of my blogs. Once you buy them, I will delete them from any of my sites so the posts will be original content on your website. I can create channels of content for your website to include posts that I can edit from your employees and your former customers. Everyone has a story that others can relate to and be inspired.

Some of the channels I can add to your website:

  • Posts from these topics: addiction recovery, Changemaker Test, codependency, emotional health, high energy life, mental health, quotations, recovery journey, relationships, and/or self discovery. These are suggestions only and other topics are available.
  • An employee posts’ channel that I will edit if needed
  • A former customers’ channel about their individual recovery experience
  • A peer group experience to help your former clients to develop a separate peer support group
  • A self discovery channel which may include my Changemaker Test which is a test that will teach anyone 10 of his/her personality labels. The test includes explanations for all 25 possible choices.
  • A transactional analysis channel to help readers learn how to identify the inner child, inner parent, and inner adult
  • Another channel for your site might be common questions and answers about your treatment center. Each center says it is different but you will the chance to define your uniqueness in a way that can easily be referenced and referred to.

I have created a blog to show on one page my blogs: Kathy Berman’s Blogs, Facebook Pages, and Pinterest Boards. Emotional Sobriety: Friends & Lovers is my main blog and Emotional Sobriety is my main Facebook page where I do my 12th step work.

Email to begin a dialogue:



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