Main Bathroom 

Main Bathroom:

Main bath 1

Main bath 2

Main Bath 3

Main bath 4

Main bath 4

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Kitchen Views of Home

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 3

Kitchen 2

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Front Views of Home

Front patio

Front view of home

Ficus trees on front patio

Side view of home

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Pictures of Coral Cay

Pool 1

Clubhouse 1

Sports Center

Tree 1

Tree 2

Pool 1

Pool 2

Tree 3

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Pictures of the Canal

From the Dock

The canal north to Rt. 7

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Afghans For Sale

My afghans are for sale at Etsy. You can see them all at my Facebook page,  Kathy Berman’s Afghan Factory. Afghans are so bright and cheerful that they add a homey feeling to any decor.BEST RACK

Afghan Display

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About Coral Cay Blogs 1

By laszlo-photo

Coral Cay Blogs is a meeting place for people interested in learning how to develop avenues of income. The income may come from products for sale or from offering ads on blogs. In order to simplify the blogging world, I will introduce terms that you may wish to further learn from your own study. I will give you a direct link to articles or sites about making money from blogging.

When you first begin to blog, if you were like me, you have never considered yourself to be a writer. But blogs are about writing posts–generally 200-600 words. So instead of a marathon, you will writing as a sprint. As this post at 37 signals suggests we solve big problems by paying attention to small things. Take your interests and list each one on a separate page. Then break down each interest into a series of smaller topics. Then begin writing on one of the smaller components. If you still seems larger than 200-600 words, break it down into smaller topics.

You will find in studying blogs that some writers write really long posts. A few of these writers I follow but generally in my “sound-bite” world, I prefer to read many authors with shorter posts. You can do what you want–it is your blog.

And this is the reason that blogging is recognized as being bigger than Gutenberg’s printing press. Blogging made each of us our own publisher. From blogs to sound blogs–podcasts–we became our own radio station. Then we became our own television station with video blogs–like YouTube.

In a side note here, someone asked a blogger if blogging was a fad. And the blogger said, “Yes, if 60-80 million bloggers decided to quit at the same time.”

About this blog:

When I decided to put an ad in the Coral Cay Newsletter, I hadn’t created this blog yet. So after I dropped off the ad to Patsy, I came home and began this blog. This blog took 20 hours form to construct. The added posts take 20-60 minutes.

You can set up a blog in 15-20 minutes in or Creating the rest of the blog is where the work comes in.

Remember to divide and conquer–turn your blog into mini-topics to create the whole. “Life is hard by the yard–but a cinch by the inch.”

I will be following up with tips for writing and blogging–that is why I called this post 1.

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