What is Coral Cay Blog for Selling?

I moved to Coral Cay Plantation in December, 2002. I started writing blogs in November 2004.  My first and main blog is kathyberman.com. In August, 2008, I started some blogs for Coral Cay residents.

The blogs I created for Coral Cay residents are:

The first one was coralcayblogs.wordpress.com.  Coral Cay Blogs is a meeting place for people interested in learning how to develop avenues of income. The income may come from products for sale or from offering ads on blogs. In order to simplify the blogging world, I will introduce terms that you may wish to further learn from your own study. I will give you a direct link to articles or sites about making money from blogging.

The second one was blogempire.wordpress.com.  Because I have several blogs, I wanted to introduce writers to the idea of creating several blogs–making hving each with one theme.

Coralcay.wordpress.com is my  3rd Coral Cay blog.  I have often thought that we Coral Cay residents could use a swap shop to give or sell to our neighbors those things we no longer need.  A Coral Cay Blog for Selling may also be a good place to sell things that you create. You may choose to list your home with photos so that friends, family and neighbors can send  your blog link to all who may be interested.

Email me at changemaker.kathy@gmail.com.

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